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About Me

My name is Snapps! First and foremost, I'm a kobold enthusiast, but I also dabble in programming, drawing, and writing.

I hope you enjoy your time in my small corner of the web!



  • The foundation of the site is almost done


  • The framework is done! I'll spruce it up later.


  • Added a tab for my smaller projects; check them out.


Twitter @SnappsU
PillowFort Snapps
FurAffinity Snappsuwu

Minor Projects


Have any of my characters piqued your interest? Feel free to look at their refsheet.

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Curious Cat

Want to ask any of my characters a question? Go ahead and send me a question through CuriousCat. I'll make sure they get your question as soon as possble.

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I (infrequently for now) livestream my art and programming to Picarto.tv. If the button below says I'm live, give it a click and you can catch me steam!